Package dev.galasa.zosprogram

package dev.galasa.zosprogram
zOS Program Manager
This Manager allows Galasa tests to compile and link zOS Programs. The @ZosProgram annotation defines the program to the Galasa test. Program attributes, for example, program name, programming language and source location are specified by using the annotation elements. The source for the program is stored as a resource, along with the test. The z/OS Program Manager processes each @ZosProgram annotation before any of the test methods are executed. The Manager retrieves the source from the test bundle, builds and submits the relevant compile and link JCL based on the programs attributes and CPS properties. The batch job is saved with the test run archive. The program can be executed in the test by retrieving the library containing the load module by using the getLoadLibrary() method. The Simbank tutorial BatchAccountsOpenTestBatchAccountsOpenTest contains an example of running a simulated z/OS program called SIMBANK by using the EXEC PGM=SIMBANK command. You can view the Javadoc documentation for the Manager here.

Galasa Manager:
zOS Program
Release State:
ALPHA - This Manager is being actively developed. It is subject to change and has not been extensively tested.