Annotation Interface ZosBatch

@Retention(RUNTIME) @Target(FIELD) public @interface ZosBatch
z/OS Batch
The @ZosBatch annotation requests the z/OS Manager to provide a z/OS Batch instance associated with a z/OS image. The test can request multiple z/OS Batch instances, with the default being associated with the primary zOS image.
At test end, the Manager stores the job output with the test results archive and removes jobs from the JES queue.
public IZosImage zosImageA;
public IZosBatch zosBatchA;
The IZosBatch interface has a single method, IZosBatch.submitJob(String, IZosBatchJobname) to submit a JCL as a String and returns a IZosBatchJob instance.

See ZosBatch, IZosBatch and IZosBatchJob to find out more.
  • Optional Element Summary

    Optional Elements
    Modifier and Type
    Optional Element
    The imageTag is used to identify the z/OS image.
  • Element Details

    • imageTag

      String imageTag
      The imageTag is used to identify the z/OS image.