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public interface IDynamicStatusStoreService extends IDynamicStatusStoreKeyAccess

Used to gain access to properties in the Dynamic Status Store

The framework will be configured with a single Dynamic Status Store where all the dynamic properties for run and resources are kept.

All properties accesses will be within the namespace provided

etcd3 is the preferred dynamic status store for Galasa

An IDynamicStatusStoreService can be obtained from IFramework.getDynamicStatusStoreService(String).

Michael Baylis
  • Method Details

    • getDynamicResource

      IDynamicResource getDynamicResource(String resourceKey)

      Retrieve interface to control a dynamic resource represented in the framework area. This is to allow the resource being managed to be automatically represented on the Web UI and the Eclipse Automation Views.

      The properties the framework create from will be dss.framework.resource.namespace.resourceKey . After that the manager can set the property names as necessary.

      For example, if the zOS Security Manager is controlling a set of userids on cluster PlexMA, the namespace is already set to 'zossec', the property key would be 'PLEXMA.userid.GAL234'. This would result in the property 'dss.framework.resource.zossec.PLEXMA.userid.GAL234=L3456'. The automation views would build a tree view of the properties starting 'dss.framework.resource'

      resourceKey -
      The dynamic resource found, or null.
    • getDynamicRun

      Retrieve an interface to update the Run status with manager related information. This is information above what the framework would display, like status, no. of methods etc.

      One possible use would be the zOS Manager reporting the primary zOS Image the test is running on.

      The dynamic run resource found, or null.