Interface IZosConsoleCommand

  • public interface IZosConsoleCommand
    Represents a zOS Console Command.

    When the command is issued via IZosConsole.issueCommand(String) or IZosConsole.issueCommand(String, String), the immediate response message, if available, together with a command response key, is received from the zOS Console. The immediate response message is available via the getResponse() method.
    The requestResponse() method uses the command response key to request any delayed response messages from the zOS Console associated with this command and returns all responses messages issued since the initial response or previous requestResponse() method call.
    • Method Detail

      • requestResponse

        String requestResponse()
                        throws ZosConsoleException
        Return the delayed response message from the current console command. May be called multiple times
        the response string
      • getCommand

        String getCommand()
        Return the command
        the command String