Package dev.galasa.jmeter

package dev.galasa.jmeter
JMeter Manager
This Manager enables a JMeter session to run inside a Docker Container. The JMeter Manager requests a container from the Docker Manager inside which the JMeter scripts, or JMX files can run. The test can access all JMeter-generated files inside the container without worrying about how the container is provisioned, maintained or shut down at the end of test. By using a containerized environment, the test can benefit from the associated standards of scalability and uniformity.

The logfiles and generated CSV files can be accessed once the JMeter tests are complete and the container becomes available for interaction. The JMeter Manager allows as many JMeter sessions as you have available Docker container slots on your machine.
Galasa Manager:
Release State:
BETA - This Manager is almost ready. It has been tested and the TPI is stable, but there may be minor changes to come.