Package dev.galasa.docker

package dev.galasa.docker
Docker Manager
This Manager enables tests to run Docker Containers on a Docker Engine provided by the Galasa infrastructure, making it easy to write tests that consume container-based services. The test does not need to worry about where the Docker infrastructure is, its credentials, or its capacity as this is all handled by the Manager.

The Docker Manager can be used by other Managers as a base for their own services. For example, the JMeter Manager can run a JMeter service inside a Docker Container. Using the Docker Manager in this way means that the test or administration team do not need to create dedicated JMeter resources.

Containers that are provided by the Docker Manager can be used to either drive workload for the application under test, or to receive workload from the application. The Docker Manager can also be used to monitor the test or to provide a security context like OpenLDAP. Docker Containers provide a powerful tool in helping test applications in an integrated environment.

The Docker Manager supports Galasa Shared Environments. Shared Environments provide the ability to create a test environment that can be shared across multiple test runs so you don't have to provision a test environment for each test.
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