Interface ICloudManagerSpi

public interface ICloudManagerSpi
SPI for the Cloud Manager
Michael Baylis
  • Method Details

    • getCloudContainerByTag

      @NotNull @NotNull ICloudContainer getCloudContainerByTag(@NotNull @NotNull String tag) throws CloudManagerException
      Retrieve the cloud container by tag
      tag - - The tag name
      the Cloud Container if found
      CloudManagerException - - If the tag is unknown
    • generateCloudContainer

      @NotNull @NotNull ICloudContainer generateCloudContainer(@NotNull @NotNull String tag, @NotNull @NotNull String provider, @NotNull @NotNull String image, @NotNull @NotNull ICloudContainerPort[] ports, Properties environmentProperties, String[] runArguments, boolean autoStart, int startOrder) throws CloudManagerException
      Generate a new Cloud Container, normal called by an application Manager during provision generate, but can be called at anytime (exception shutdown)
      tag - - The tag to assign, must not exist already
      provider - - optional (null), the provider to use to provision the Cloud Container
      image - - The image name to use
      ports - - The ports to be exposed
      environmentProperties - - Any environment properties to provide to the container
      runArguments - - Any run arguments to start the container with
      autoStart - - The container is to be started during provisionStart, only relevant if this method is called during provisionGenerate.
      startOrder - - If autoStart = true, then the order the container is to be started, only relevant if this method is called during provisionGenerate.
      a ICloudContainer instance.
    • registerCloudContainerProvider

      void registerCloudContainerProvider(@NotNull @NotNull ICloudContainerProvider containerProvider)
      Register a provider for Cloud Containers
      containerProvider - A Cloud Container provisioner